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"Junkers J- 87" from MM & "Macchi C202 Folgore" from DN

Welcome to our web page dedicated to paper modeling.

Here you will find models build not only by Canadians, but from every corner of the world.

As for many kids of the former USSR, it all started with making models from an amazing magazine called "Maly Modelrarz" published in Poland and distributed in USSR.

At that time I build everything, planes, castles, ships, helicopters and tanks.

Unfortunately with a breakup of the USSR and moving to different country, I had to quit my hobby.

Thankfully, the creative bug never left me and after more then 15 years, in December of 2004, I discovered that an amazing progress was made in the paper modeling world, with kits of excellent quility and design.

Many thanks to all the modelers who helped me build my collection of kits and reference sources.

To make the story short, I am back and hope that some of the models featured here will inspire you to join the club of wonderful paper modeling.

Currently I live in Toronto, Canada and most of the model build by myself are purchased from Ralf, a very nice gentlemen at

I am mostly interested in Airplanes of World War II because I think those planes were the most amazing inventions in the history of aviation.

Hereby, I would also like to give credit to people who helped to make card modeling not just another hobby, but turned it into an art form. My thanks to Mikhail Ilyin, Vjacheslav Sokolets, Voldemarus, Dmitri Hotkin, Viktor Kravchenko, Igor Zveryev, Nikolay Bochkarev and all the others whose names I forgot to mention.