Mustant P -51 (Betexa)

Here is my first attempt to build a model by Czhec publisher- Betexa.

What can I say, the this was the most painfull cardmodeling experince I have had so far!

First of all, as all Betexa models this model had a fuselauge built entirely from one part.

Second there were no formers for the fuselauge, so I had to print some formers from Halinski's P 51.

Third, and the most challenging issue was that the whole model was prnted on a glossy cardstock.


My ussual Wiccoll glue would not stick to any of the side of this paper, so I ened up using a Russian made glue called Moment.

This is a rubbery kind of strong glue, that unfortunately could not be removed once it dried and left a yellow color resedue if not wiped out promptly.

In addition to that, the paper was very hard to bend and had a tendency to crack while being folded. For edge coloring I used acrylic paint, the only paint that seemed to stick to the edges of the cardstock. Unfortunately I could not match the colores exactly, so the colored edges look darker.

It is my belive that tree main components of an atractive model are : canopy, wheels and propeller assembly including the coil.


In this instance I vacuume formed the canopy as once piece, inluding the glass part that goes behind the pilot. It was un unwise move as it was almost impossible to mount the canopy at the end. In addition the front canopy glass was not even a close fit.

The conclusion, if you have a great deal of patience, do not mind spending hours stearing at usless instructions and drawings provided by the publishers, this model is for YOU!

PS. Under no cercamstances attempt to assembe this from the original, instead use a scan printed on a regular cardstock of 140-160 g/m2.